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about Level Changer

Hello, I have seen a component called Level Changer on Spintronics Simulator, but I have not received this component in reality. I would like to ask you about the working principle of this component and its function

Hey @5020!
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To answer your question about the Level Changer.

Unlike in electronics, where a level changer/shifter is used to allow devices operating at different voltages to safely communicate with each other by raising or lowering the voltages of the communication signal, Spintronics uses the “Level Shifter” to make connecting components easier. It is just a set of connected sprockets which allows you to move chains from one sprocket level to a different sprocket level while keeping the chain direction and speed the same. This is useful in big, complex circuits where, unless you’re planning really well, you’re likely to find yourself in a situation where the only available sprockets available to connect two components are on different levels.

For example: in the below example circuit, you would not be able to connect the junction to the transistor (since the transistor does not have a sprocket on level 2):

So we can use a level changer to move the chain to the a level that the transistor can connect to, like this:

The level changer is in the Simulator since you’re able to build larger and more complex circuits than you can with provided components in the physical game. There is no physical level changer component at this time because there’s no need for it; if you run into a situation where you need to change levels in the physical game, a switch can be used in same way!