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About the Circuits category

Share your spintronic circuits with the world! If it seems like a good fit, we’ll add it to the “Curated Circuits” page.

How to post your circuit:
There are advantages and disadvantages to each method of posting, so choose whichever method works best for you. A link to a simulated circuit is sometimes good enough, but remember that simulated circuits don’t always work in reality. Please verify that your circuit works or, better yet, post a short video of it running. Remember to always provide a description of the circuit to help people understand its purpose and how it is doing it.

  1. Post a link to a simulated circuit. Go to simulator.spintronics.com and build your circuit. Then click the “Copy Circuit to Clipboard” button and paste the link here. Please consider also adding a screen shot of the circuit.

  2. Post a video of your circuit running. The forum doesn’t allow videos any larger than 15 MB, so you may need to reduce its dimensions and/or quality before posting. Or upload your video to another location like YouTube and post a link to it here.

  3. Take a picture of the circuit and post it here.

  4. It often helps to post a circuit diagram to help others understand the circuit. You can draw a circuit diagram on paper, take a picture of it, and post it here. Alternatively, you can use free software like www.circuit-diagram.org to draw the circuit and post it here, but you may need to edit the circuit drawing afterward to add junction dots and coupling.

Can’t wait to see what circuits you make!