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Challenge 64: Alternative solution for a voltage tripler?


When solving challenge 64, the voltage tripler, I came up with a solution that is slightly different, and seemingly more simple, than the one listed in the back of the book. I think it’s still valid, but as the output of the circuit is the sound emitted by the ammeter, it’s difficult to verify it.
To do so, I used the simulator to build my circuit so I could compare the sound with the one from the simulated proposed solution. I think they do emit the same sound, but again I’m not 100% sure.
So I wanted to ask: is this circuit I built a voltage tripler?

Bonus question: I built that circuit from this diagram. Is it correct?

Yeah, that looks like a voltage tripler to me. The switches and ammeter are both not really necessary to achieve the effect. However, 1 switch might still be necessary because the phasing of the junctions means that at least 1 chain has to be looped to make it irl with no switch.
Here’s a super barebones version with no switches or ammeter:

Ah, that’s clever! Yes, I use the switch only to change the sprocket levels to avoid that loop. And the ammeter is there only to make the circuit give some feedback to the player. To avoid the 8-loop there, I guess you could do something like this in real life, right?

I might test this later :slight_smile:

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