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Difficulty with challenge 83 (amplification)

I completed my amplifier circuit and verified it was correct in the answers. However, it takes a really long time for the ammeter part to start spinning when the button is turned on and a really long time to stop once turned off (it sometimes keeps spinning very very slowly) is there any way this behavior can be improved? It also doesnt fully open the transistor, it remains a bit in the active zone.

I had the same issue. I found that the circuit behaved as intended if you add just a tiny bit of extra resistance to the 500 spinohm resistor in parallel with the transistor gate. 100 did it for me, but if you don’t have any more resistors just drag your finger on it. As the game suggessts, also make sure all your chains have sufficient slack.

As with the capacitor, tapping on the top of the transistor can help move the gate to the proper position. As for the transistor remaining in the active zone, I believe that is intentional for this exercise, because I think the goal is to illustrate amplification, not switching.