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Incorrect Hint for Challenge 126

The hint for challenge #126 says “Look carefully at the dotted white lines. They show where the resistor and the chain link should go!”, but there are no dotted white lines.

Hey FloppyDilcue,
The hint is referring to the dotted lines in the Input/Output graph. Given how they show up in the print, however, “white” might not be the best descriptor… I’ll have it updated to something a little less confusing. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Hi Sprocket,

Are you sure that the hint is referring to the dotted lines in the I/O graph? Instead, I think the hint is an erroneous duplicate of the hint for Act 1 Challenge 1. The hint for that challenge is word-for-word identical to the hint for Act 2 Challenge 126, but in the case of Act 1 Challenge 1, there are actually dotted white lines which do in fact show where the resistor and chain link should go, whereas the dotted lines in the I/O graph for Challenge 126 do not really give any information about the chain link or resistor.

Regardless, I think we can agree that the hint for Challenge 126 should be improved. Thanks for listening to our feedback!

You know what, I think you’re right! Looks like some wires got crossed somewhere, we’ll get it sorted.

We appreciate your keen eye!