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Is there an easy way to convert any electronic circuit into a spintronic one?

I am still waiting for my kit and have been playing around in the simulator. While failing to make a full adder I wondered if there is a way to simply convert any electronic circuit into a spintronic version. if you know a way please post.
thank you

Hey @personontheinternet,
There’s not yet a tool to convert an electronics schematic into a spintronic one, partly due to some of the nuances that make Spintronics different than electronics and partly because figuring out how to convert a circuit into Spintronics is a lot of fun and really helps you understand the electronic circuit at a fundamental level!

If you ever run into a roadblock, the community here is very knowledgeable and helpful, and we can help you through where you’re getting stuck. There are also people who have built and shared a lot of circuits that help give you ideas on how to tackle specific problems. I know that someone has made a full adder and shared it (note: it was mis-titled as a half adder, but is indeed a full adder).