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Mechanical 2-Way Switch

I assume this will take multiple sets, but can anybody figure out how to make a circuit where you can turn it off with either of two switches (like a hallway with switches at each end)?

I think the behavior you’re looking for an Exclusive-Or. There’s an example in one of the puzzle solutions:

When you flip a switch, it turns on the ammeter/gramophone. You can flip either switch to turn it off. And again, you can flip either switch to turn it on.

Thanks. I created a circuit diagram for your circuit, but can you tell me if it is correct?

That is what the Spintronics circuit is showing, but it won’t translate to Electrical circuits. It’s very easy to reverse the voltage from 6V to -6V and the Spintronics circuit is taking advantage of that. At the Ammeter, we have approximately +2V and -2V. You can see this by turning on each button individually and watching the 200 Ohm resistor. It spins clockwise from one button and counter-clockwise from the other. When both are on, it cancels out. In an Electrical circuit, you’ll have +2V on each side of your component that’s then grounded through the 200 Ohm resistor.

Thanks. Good to know.

To do it the same way a hall light does it you need a dual position switch.

In spintronics this would be a new type of switch where one position let’s the top two gears rotate together and locks the bottom one and the other position let’s the bottom two rotate together and locks the top one.

You can sorta pretend with two switches (and a junction) making sure to always have one on and one off. But that needs 4 switches in total. Also the two junctions and the ammeter.