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One octave keyboard

Here’s a little Spintronics keyboard (spin-synth?)! It’s approximately one equal temperament octave from C4-C5 (as best as I could get with the available values of the Spintronic resistors, not perfect, put pretty close, at least on my computer). The keyboard has both momentary contact operation (like a normal piano) as well as the ability to sustain notes.

There are transistors laid out in a standard keyboard pattern, pull down on the right-hand side to sound the note, release to shut it off.

Below the transistors is a corresponding row of switches. Turn them on to hold a note.


Seems like there’s a bit of a bug with the simulator where sometimes it won’t play sounds when loading shared circuits with ammeters. While I look into it, here’s a work around: place a new ammeter anywhere and the sound will work.

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