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Part 1 Challenge 13 & Challenge 15

Hope someone can help

Challenge 13 state to use 3 chains results are using 1 chain
Challenge 15 state to use 4 chain results are using 2 chains

Where I can appreciate any number of chains will produce the same results I feel that I have done it wrong as the instructions state one thing and the results show another. Why tell us to use (n) chains and then the result show something else?

I do not have much confidence and really feel like I am failing and don’t really want to continue.

I’m tempted to go though the result and count the number of chains and amend the instructions.

I would like to know if anyone else has struggled with this.

Many thanks

Hey @Hatchers,
Sorry you’re feeling frustrated. There are often many different solutions to a puzzle. The parts listed are the maximum allowed for each component, it isn’t necessarily that they are all required; there may even be times where a component listed isn’t even used (as a little bit of a red-herring to make you really think about and understand the puzzle and the concept being taught). As long as your solution produces the desired output and uses equal to or less than the number of the component listed, you’ve solved the puzzle!!! Sounds like you’re doing awesome and should keep at it.