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Problem with the battery "skipping"

After doing the first couple challenges, the batter started doing this weird skip. It makes a quick grinding sound and jerks the string in a small amount. It seems to happen more when I only pull the string out a few inches. When I pull it out most of the way, it usually runs smoothly.

Anyone else have this problem?

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Received my set today, very exited to try everything! Sadly I noticed the same problem you’re describing. Troubleshooting - Spintronics has a manual for taking the battery apart, but that seems all too rash for something that came new in a box… Both batteries I received have the same issue btw, so maybe we’re just doing something wrong here?? If anyone knows the trick, please let us know!

I haven’t experienced this, but could your issue possibly be the second one here?
(I guess not, your issue sounds less severe.)

In general, I’d expect a faster response from e-mail than on these forums.

Thanks @dpthurst, I’ll email the team.
Indeed it is less severe than the problem Paul mentioned on kickstarter: I can see all clicker arms attached where they should.

I had a problem with my battery where it felt like maybe the chain was catching so it wasn’t producing a smooth output. After poking around (no disassembly) it turned out that the output sprokets weren’t properly clipped together. Giving them all a lil push pull so they had a chance to seat properly fixed it.

Support was wonderful, they are sending replacements. Can’t wait for them to arrive! In the meantime, everyone have fun with your sets and thanks for the help provided here. Cheers!

Ran into my battery skipping and having to use our fingers for resistance during game play when a battery clicker finally flew up. Not sure if skipping is a precursor for broken battery clicker, but I put in an email to support with a picture.

We love the game and I’m glad I bought a power pack to keep my girls playing.

I found this community & registered here just to say thank you for the troubleshooting link. My battery had a fairly catastrophic failure. The pull string got yanked out of the end handle–I think because for some reason the centrifugal clutch didn’t trigger. The end result was the battery had to be disassembled to retrieve it. The string also got wrapped around the wrong parts and the spring somehow got detached. Like I said catastrophic. The troubleshooting guide showed me the correct way to route the spring, and that the nut needed to be on the string. Now my battery is back in operation!