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Question about Challenge 74

I had some trouble with this challenge. My attempts are shown below in succession. Attempt 1 & 2 were unsuccessful, but I’d like to understand why Attempt 1 didn’t work, but the solution set up does?


The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate how using a junction as a voltage Halver or doubler is able to create apparent capacitance. The reason your solution didn’t work is due to the limitations of how the junction works.

When the outer ring is input the mid and inner ring is split equal popularity. When the mid or inner is used as input the output polarity of the outer and the other ring you didn’t use will be opposite polarities.

That being the case the inner and mid must be tied together to produce the doubling or halving effect, where the outter ring is either the input to doubble the voltage or tieing it to the capacitor(the output) to halve the voltage. aka (apparent capacitance)