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Recommended way to store the boxes

I read on Kickstarter there could be some problems with resistors, leaking the silicone. I think that’s the reason those components come in a plastic bag.

My question is: is there any difference or recommendation between storing the boxes (act one and two) horizontally or vertically for the long term?

Hey Rubick,
Sorry for the delayed response on this. Great question! For a leak to occur, it requires a specific set of conditions to be met:

  1. the resistor need to be upside down
  2. after the resistor is upside down, there needs to be a substantial pressure drop in the outside atmosphere.

In normal practice, that really can only happen on airplanes. So to answer your question, you can store your Act One and Act Two whichever way you like and you’ll to be just fine. If you really, really want to ensure there’s no leakage, then store your boxes horizontally, but it’s not necessary.