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Request for simple Diode Puzzles

I got Spintronics through the Kickstarter & as a result I got a couple free diodes - which is cool but . . .
I know little to nothing about electronics and because the diodes are a Kickstarter bonus, there is nothing in the accompanying books that talks you through how to use them. I’m also finding nothing in the forums so far. I understand what they do but I don’t know how to apply that usage.
So basically I’m putting out a request for some type of puzzles or problems that would help me to understand how to use these in a meaningful way.

We also can’t just replace a transistor-junction combo with a diode*, since the properties are different.

* In some specific circumstances, it can be replaced, but only when the voltage drop doesn’t matter

Notable differences:

Transistor + Junction Diode component
Constant voltage drop of 1.5V Almost no voltage drop (You can test this with a MVS)
Makes current flow backwards a bit when no longer powered Doesn’t make the current flow backwards at all

I second the request for diode challenges. Diodes are the third component in my electro class for auto mechanics.

Also, if you only need 2 Diodes for a full bridge, why sell in 4 packs, out of curiosity?

Great work!

I’m looking for the same thing. I have the diode, but not a clue how to use it (can I even use a single diode?). I use Spintronics with middle school students, and they’d love to try out this new part, but I don’t have any puzzles to give them. Please, does anyone have such a thing?