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Spintronics Couple VS Real Life Electronic Diagrams

I am on my second day with the Spintronics Act One (page 99 as of this writing). I skim past page 99 and I saw Tutorial 18 : Spintronic Coupling. I was wondering if they are drawn the same as in real “engineering” schematics/diagrams. I’ve never seen that and I have web searched “Electronics Coupling” in Google Image and couldn’t find any image with that couple symbol.

Am I right to assume that the following Spintronic Couple:

is equivalent to the diagram below ?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @paikuhan!
Spintronic coupling is something that’s unique to Spintronics mechanics and doesn’t really have a real-world equivalent. Coupled components are actually still in series with one another (recall that components which share a chain are in series with one another), so the equivalent real-world schematic to your example is this: https://imgur.com/a/7H7cTQz

It’s a little confusing, I know, but the coupling diagrams in Spintronics are really helpful to describe and keep track of how the chains are moving/connected which comes in handy with some of the more complex circuits.

Let me know if this clears things up for you!

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Thanks @Sprocket !
I understand. I was gonna work on it today but was trouble by the coupling and since I know a little about electronics this confused me (a little knowledge is clearly a dangerous thing for the mind). I will start working on it tomorrow.

Thanks again!