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I bought Spintronics because I could never develop decent intuitions about electronics. I’ve had a lot of fun with it!, but I have very little interest in Spintronics puzzles for their own sake. Given that:

  1. Is there a writeup of how to take intuitions developed with Spintronics and use them to think about electronics?

  2. On page 106, just after Challenge 51, it says “the rest of the puzzles do things that electronic circuits don’t do”. My inclination is to stop at that point; is there any reason I should keep going?


On the comment on p. 106, I actually disagree with that claim. It’s just that spintronics make some things easy that are hard in electronics; specifically, it’s trivial to create transformers in spintronics, but very hard in electronics.

The ending puzzles in Act One seem to serve two very important purposes and I wouldn’t skip them:

  1. They prepare you for Act Two, where some of these more advanced techniques are used side-by-side with teaching electrical concepts.
  2. They teach you specifically how Spintronics are different from electronics and where your intuitions might break down in either direction.