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Add a tip to Challenge 31

It might be nice to add a tip to the puzzle book for this challenge. Possibly something like: turn the capacitor in such a way that both hands point to zero before you charge the battery.

Also, I forgot to think about shorts when I removed the capacitor, it might be worth adding a warning.

Otherwise, nice puzzle!

Yes, the short to the battery when you remove the capacitor is a bit of a shock. Was happy when the discharge parts were added.

The solution shown has the switch and the capacitor connected to the resistor using two separate chains. Would it be acceptable to just use one (longer) chain to link the three together? If I were physically creating this circuit with real wire, wouldn’t I wire it with wire in a single loop?

So the short is supposed to happen? I thought I did something wrong. I was looking for instructions on how to discharge the capacitor before disconnecting it, but there was no further info given in the challenge. Note: I am not an electronics person.

I haven’t tried anything past challenge #31 yet. Will the same short happen in the next few puzzles, too? I read ahead, and didn’t see any information about how to discharge the capacitor until Challenge 35. In 31 - 34, we charge the capacitor, but never do anything with that stored charge. Is that correct? Sorry for such a basic question, but I am a newbie.