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Challenge #114 Simulator Problem?

Is there a problem with the Spintronics Simulator? My constructed Spintronics circuit is exactly identical to the solution shown in the simulator, but when the switch is turned ON it does not behave like that in the simulator. When I turn the switch ON the ammeter immediately spins (clockwise) very fast as the inductor slowly begins to spin up (clockwise). As the circuit continues to run the inductor accelerates as the ammeter decelerates until the ammeter stops completely and the inductor continues at a constant speed. When the switch is turned OFF the ammeter immediately turns counter-clockwise as the inductor continues to spin (CW) while the inductor decelerates until both finally stop completely. Looking at the circuit diagram I believe this is what I would expect to happen (other than the ammeter spinning the wrong direction due to the planetary gear arrangement of the junction), but in any case it’s different than what happens in the simulator. What gives?

Never mind- now that I zoom in more closely in the simulator I see that it is behaving like my circuit after all. It just happens very quickly and is very difficult to see.